Posted by: eramys | June 24, 2017

Betty sleeping 

I love it when my furbabies are sleeping and not shouting or ‘helping’ me to do stuff 😁 They’re nice when they’re awake, too, but it’s very tiring looking after two doglets!

Posted by: eramys | June 23, 2017


This is from the book Nordic Wilderness by Claire Scully using polychromos pencils 🙂

Posted by: eramys | June 22, 2017

Flamingo top

I love George at ASDA for plus size clothes. Their things go up to size 24. This vest was only ÂŁ4 and has adjustable straps. I love it!

Posted by: eramys | June 21, 2017

A candle for Merryn 

This is for Merryn, who died recently due to complications of severe M.E. Today is her funeral.

Posted by: eramys | June 20, 2017

My work station!

I’m finishing my artist trading cards today. I’m getting the glue gun out later and I’ll try not to burn my fingers like I usually do!

Posted by: eramys | June 18, 2017

June bugs

I don’t usually like buggy pictures, but I enjoyed this one. From Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom using glitter and metallic gel pens (the shine never shows up properly in photos!)

Posted by: eramys | June 17, 2017

Many Hats

This is from Bennett Klein’s Colour My Sketchbook 3, using my new Polychromos pencils with a tiny bit of gold gel pen.

Posted by: eramys | June 16, 2017

Heart shaped cheese 

Isn’t this cute? Asda’s Neufchâtel, think it’s a kind of Brie.

Posted by: eramys | June 15, 2017

If in doubt, get out

‘Stay in your flat’ seems to be the standard fire advice (I live in Cambridge). Luckily my block of flats is only 2 storeys high, but if a neighbour’s flat was on fire I sure as hell wouldn’t stay in my own flat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anyone in London was in any way at fault if they remained in their flats. They were simply following these stupid rules. The advice should be changed to ‘If in doubt, get out’ (as long as you can do so safely). And having adequate fire precautions, especially in big blocks, should be a legal requirement (with regular checks) for councils and landlords.

Posted by: eramys | June 14, 2017

Artist Trading Cards

Sometimes I make artist trading cards (ATCs). This one isn’t quite finished yet because I’m making 6 the same & doing the gluing once all the ropes are knotted. I’m a member of a Facebook ATC group & once a month we swap cards, a different theme each time. This one is nautical 🙂

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