Posted by: eramys | November 14, 2011

A day in the life of me and M.E.

  Today, dear reader, I have kept a diary for you. This is a typical day in my life.

  Slept from 4am to 1pm. Woke feeling slightly dizzy and off balance but otherwise not too bad.

  1.30pm. I’m starting to feel tired and the familiar M.E. heaviness is setting in. I throw on some clothes and put some jumpers in the washing machine so I have something clean to wear tomorrow. I make a cup of tea and realise the kitchen looks like I’ve had a party for ten people (I wish!), so I tidy up a bit. The pile of washing up stares accusingly at me. I’ve run out of energy and feel exhausted so I ignore it and go to sit down.

  2pm. I go on facebook for a while, read some posts, play a game.

  3pm. The washing up situation is becoming critical. I just had to use a fork handle to spread butter on my sandwich. It’s getting dark so I put the lamp on. The bulb blows so I spend some time trying new light bulbs, none of which work. I think the fuse in the plug must have blown. Damn, it’s a new lamp and gone are the days when you could replace a fuse yourself. I put the main light on and it makes my eyes hurt. Because of my M.E. I have a vampire-like sensitivity to light and I have to wear tinted glasses.

  3.30pm. I decide to tackle the washing up. I manage half of it. My back and neck ache, I’m exhausted and out of breath. I make some hot chocolate and go to sit down again.

  4pm. I browse the Littlewoods catalogue online, looking at party dresses and shoes. It’s more wishful thinking than anything else since I’m not going to a party. I’m sorely tempted by some gorgeous, expensive, red sparkly shoes. I wouldn’t be able to walk in them but as I’d be in my wheelchair it wouldn’t matter because I wouldn’t have to. Then I think, when would I get the chance to wear them? Probably never. It makes me sad.

  5pm. Very tired now. Flick through a magazine.

  5.30pm. Go into the kitchen to get some food and remember I only did half the washing up. I ignore it and hope the washing up fairies will do it. Make couscous with baked beans. Nice and easy, pour boiling water on the couscous, add beans, simples.

  7pm. Have to wash my hair as mum is coming up tomorrow and I want her to cut it for me. Also have to finish the washing up. Don’t have the energy to do both. The hair wins.

  7.30pm. Shattered. Will spend the rest of the evening playing games on MyYearbook online and watching TV. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep before 4am tonight.

  So that, dear reader, was a typical day in my life. Exciting wasn’t it? Haha!


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