Posted by: eramys | November 16, 2011

Disabled access

  If you’re disabled, you can’t just go out to a pub or venue when and where you like. You have to check not only the access to the building but also to the toilets in advance. A building might be accessible but if you have to go up or down stairs to the loos then it’s no good. Some places are very helpful; they have information on their websites and go out of their way to make themselves accessible to the disabled. Some, such as the pub I’m going to tomorrow, have nothing on their website so you have to phone them.

  I phoned this particular pub (I won’t name names but it’s in Carlton Way, Cambridge!) and found myself talking to a rather grumpy man. I asked about disabled access, he muttered something about there being ‘just a door round the side’. 

  Imagine an able-bodied person rang this pub and asked how to get there. The man says in an off-hand manner, ‘oh you just go down the road and it’s there’. Not very helpful, is it? The pub is likely to lose that customer. When you’re disabled and trying to work out how to get into a place it can almost be as complicated as asking directions. You need someone to say, ‘there’s a door at the side, it has a ramp so you’ll be able to get your wheelchair in, but if you need any help once you get here just ask.’ 

  I think the problem is that many able-bodied people in business simply don’t think about the difficulties of being disabled. Why would they? As far as they’re concerned, they’ve provided some sort of access (they’ve had to because it’s the law) and that’s that. 

  As for the pub tomorrow, I managed to wring out the information that the door is probably too narrow to get my scooter in (if it’s too narrow for a scooter how would a self-propelling, wheelchair-bound person with their arms sticking out to use the wheels get in?) so I’ll probably leave it outside and check every so often it’s still there. Luckily I can walk a bit so I should be able to get inside OK. I don’t like leaving the scooter outside places, but it should be fine if it’s out of sight at the side of the pub.

  After all that, I’m looking forward to a nice lunch with my friends!



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