Posted by: eramys | November 29, 2011

The Internet & M.E.

  I’ve been without the internet for a week and a half (though I could use it a bit on my phone) because my broadband dongle ran out and I couldn’t afford to top it up. In some ways I quite liked it; I read books, watched DVD’s and generally didn’t waste hours of my time playing games. I did, however, feel rather cut off and isolated.

  When you’re largely housebound, the internet becomes a window to the outside world and provides you with social contact. Without the internet, I would go for days without speaking to anyone.

  When I go online, I chat to people on sites like Facebook and Twitter (I’d highly recommend The Lighter Side Of M.E. on Facebook). I can also do my grocery and other shopping.

  Much as I like shopping, I find the experience stressful and exhausting. I’m sensitive to noise and bright lights. Crowds of people are overwhelming (imagine being a toddler in a crowd; that’s what it’s like sitting in a wheelchair). Even choosing things to buy can be stressful; I’m easily confused because of the M.E. and when you’re faced with an array of goods, all different colours, sizes, prices, types and so on, it’s sometimes easier not to bother. 

  I love online shopping, especially grocery shopping. It’s still tiring and confusing having to choose something from a whole list (why do we need twenty different types of milk, or a hundred types of cheese?) but I can have a rest for a while if I need to. Then I just have to sit back and wait for it all to be delivered; some places such as Waitrose will even put your shopping in the cupboards for you if you want them to, though I usually do it myself.

  Having said all that, I’m going to the real shops later in the week and I’m quite looking forward to it even though it will take me a couple of days to recover!


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