Posted by: eramys | December 11, 2011

Christmas trees and general ramblings

  I’ve been really ill the last couple of weeks, almost constant migraines and had a major M.E. crash on Monday and spent most of the day asleep.  I’d been getting very slightly better and it was quite scary not only that I had a relapse but also how suddenly it came on. Today, for now at least, my head feels a bit clearer which is a great relief. I still feel ill but I’ve been resting a lot and basically doing nothing much, which should help. I’m not good at doing nothing and always have a slight nagging feeling of guilt about it. Anyway, I have to rest because I’m determined to go to the ballet on Wednesday (Nutcracker).

  In between resting, I’ve been getting ready for Christmas. I started putting the decorations up at the end of November. I love Christmas and like to make my flat look like Santa’s grotto! Because of the M.E. I’ve been having to do a little at a time, which is why I started early.

  It took me a week to three-quarters finish the Christmas tree. Then one night I was watching TV and nearly died when I saw the tree hurtling towards me! There was nothing I could do except watch, like in a comedy movie, as the tree came crashing down and decorations flew everywhere. I felt like crying as all my hard work lay in ruins all over the floor. I propped it up as best I could and left it until the next day, when I discovered that the tree base was broken and so were several decorations. Undeterred, I ordered a new tree and sent the decorations to the Superglue hospital. They were in a sorry state – a glass reindeer’s antlers had broken off and a red flock reindeer’s leg was hanging by a thread, but I soon fixed them. 

  Many of my decorations have sentimental value. My mum bought me a set of the glass reindeer from a lovely shop in Sheringham in Norfolk, where we regularly go on holiday. The red flock reindeer came from a gorgeous shop selling nothing but Christmas decorations opposite Shakespeare’s house in Stratford-on-Avon. I have a little stained glass Christmas tree that my mum made for me, a battered cream and gold bird that used to belong to my grandparents, decorations brought back from Disneyland Paris and a gold musical horn that reminds me of a toy I once had in my Christmas stocking.   

  I now have my new tree and am slowly decorating it. It’s actually much nicer than the old one. I decided to get a white one because a) my sitting room is quite dark, b) my grandparents had a white tree so it reminds me of childhood Christmases and c) the decorations show up better on a white tree. It’s 7ft tall so the angel at the top almost touches the ceiling and I absolutely love it. Once it’s finished I’ll try to post a picture for you.


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