Posted by: eramys | January 10, 2012

New Year, new buddy

  Happy New Year everyone! Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while, I’ve been busy with my new man! He’s gorgeous – blonde hair, big brown eyes and he loves to cuddle up with me. I met him at a house just down the road from me a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t much like his brother, who I thought was a bit of a bully, but his mum was quite nice if a bit overprotective of her two sons. When I first met my man it was love at first sight and he wanted to cuddle me straight away. I had to leave him after a while which was hard, but last Wednesday I went to see him again and brought him home with me!

  Yes, my new man is Buddy, my chihuahua puppy! We’ve had lots of fun the last week, playing, cuddling, fetching socks back and forth from the clothes horse  and that sort of thing. It’s been exhausting because of the M.E. but worth it because he’s so adorable. Buddy had his first vaccination yesterday (and did a little wee on the vet’s table, haha) but he won’t be able to go outside for at least another two weeks, sometime after he has his next vaccination. Luckily chihuahuas don’t need much exercise so a little walk across the garden and back will be fine (and as much as I can manage), although my mum has recently retired so she can take him for longer walks once or twice a week if she and he feel like it!

  I’ll post some pics of Buddy soon!


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