Posted by: eramys | February 7, 2012

40 things

  When I turned 40 in January 2011, I decided to try and do 40 things for my 40th year. And guess what? I did it! OK, some are slightly clutching-at-straws-ish, but considering my M.E. I don’t think I did too bad. Here’s the list.

  1. Went to Aladdin pantomime

  2. Moved to a new flat

  3. Went to see ‘The Verdict’, an Agatha Christie play

  4. Went to see ‘The Haunting’, a spooky play based on a Charles Dickens

       ghost story

  5. Saw the ‘supermoon’ when the moon was the closest to the earth for 10

       years (very impressive)

  6. Saw the International Space Station fly overhead

  7. Got back in touch with two old schoolfriends

  8. Went to the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge, a hippy/festival type thing

  9. Went on holiday to Derbyshire

  10. Became interested in macro photography

  11. Went to the Country Show in Cambridge, saw Shire horses and looked in 

         the craft tents, also –

  12. Saw the Swords of Chivalry medieval knights fighting 


  13. Learnt to sing (kind of!)

  14. Learnt some Spanish

  15. Tried some new foods – some I liked (Derbyshire oatcakes), some I

         didn’t (veggie sushi)

  16. Went to the Big Day Out in Cambridge, bought some yummy things at

         the French market there

  17. Saw a meteor hit the atmosphere (not seen that happen before, it flashed

          and made a noise)

  18. Met my lovely partner Paul

  19. Went to see Sir Ian Mckellen in ‘The Syndicate’, a comedy/mafia play

  20. Had an afternoon tea party 

  21. Went to London for a weekend, stayed in a hotel next to the river, the 

          Tower of London and Tower Bridge (some photos start getting a bit hazy

          now as my camera was packing up!)


  22. Saw Les Miserables starring Alfie Boe – amazing show

  23. Went through Chinatown

  24. Went on holiday to Sheringham in Norfolk, stayed in a converted

          fishermen’s shed

  25. Went to the Mo lifeboat museum in Sheringham

  26. Went on the North Norfolk steam railway

  27. Went to the Priory Maze and Gardens at Sheringham

  28. Planted some trees through Woodland Trust in memory of my

          granny and grandad

  29. Won £100 of Tesco points

  30. Went to see John Barrowman in concert – great fun

  31. John Barrowman’s dad walked past where I was sitting twice and

         shook my hand both times

  32. Went to the fireworks in Cambridge on Bonfire Night 

  33. Started this blog

  34. Made my own Christmas cake (with a little help from Delia Smith’s

         Waitrose ready mix and some seasonal inspiration from my Michael

         Buble Christmas CD!)

  35. Read the entire King James version bible cover to cover

  36. Took a photo of Jupiter and one of its moons

  37. Sent off for and got lots of freebies (try

         which has all sorts of useful financial stuff)

  38. Went to see The Nutcracker ballet – lovely and festive

  39. Had a small Christmas party (this is me looking slightly squiffy!)

  40. Got my cute little chihuahua puppy Buddy (no photos on the laptop

          I’m using but I’ll post some in a separate blog soon)


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