Posted by: eramys | February 23, 2012

My pal Buddy

  Buddy has been very poorly this week with a tummy bug. I took him to the vet on Monday, me on my scooter, him in a special front-carrying bag (like a reverse rucksack). He loved it and it’s a really easy way for me to transport him. Fortunately, Buddy is very good at the vets, unlike my previous dog who had to be squished onto the table to stop him from jumping off!

  Several people on the way stopped to make a fuss of Buddy and because his collar is pink they all thought he was a girl! I wanted to get him a blue collar but they had very few in his tiny size at the pet shop and the only one I could get was pink. I just got him an adorable little sweatshirt from Amazon, grey with blue lettering that says ‘property of chihuahua university’, so hopefully people will now realise that Buddy’s a boy!

  I’m shattered after a week of not much sleep due to Buddy being ill during the night, going to the vet, cleaning up nasty messes from the carpet and cooking Buddy rice and fish, which he’s had to have instead of his usual food. Last night I crashed out and slept 12 hours. Luckily Buddy is much better now and this evening he played with his toys for a little while for the first time in nearly a week, so I think he’s on the mend.

  Oh, and I really will get organised and post some pics of Buddy soon! 


  1. am more than pleased that Buddy’s better as he’s a lovely, good tempered dog that does love to play and am hoping to get to see him (and you) again sometime soon

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