Posted by: eramys | April 30, 2012

Sodding Pixies

I have started the United Against Sodding Pixies Society, or UASP for short.

The Sodding Pixies are those pesky, invisible little creatures who creep up on those of us with M.E. and fibromyalgia. They wield little sticks and frying pans, ready to bash us over the head causing us to have headaches and migraines. They sit on our eyebrows and drum their little booted heels against our eyeballs. They move the furniture, just enough so a well person wouldn’t notice, but enough so that us poorly people trip over. They carry miniature hot water bottles and carefully place them on us so that we get a temperature. They sprinkle evil pixie dust on our food to make us get upset tummies.

Well, I say ENOUGH! I say NO to those Sodding Pixies! They have had their wily little ways for far too long. Let us unite, dear spoonie pals (if you don’t understand, look up The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserando), and stand defiant (or lie defiant) against those pesky little creatures. We shall have bed protests with placards, and when we feel well enough we will stamp on those Sodding Pixies.

Join the fight against the Sodding Pixies! Join the UASP today!








  1. The Sodding Pixies must die! I love the humour in this post 🙂

  2. Evil pixies – that explains a lot.

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