Posted by: eramys | May 14, 2012

Freebies and pocket money

So far this year I’ve got about 30 freebies, won 3 prizes and got about £30 in Amazon vouchers. How can I get some too? I hear my readers say! Well, it’s quite easy, although it can sometimes take a bit of time and effort.

Go to the forums on for freebies (no spend required), freebies (low spend) and competitions time. Freebies go within hours so you have to be quick. I’ve had everything from skincare to a bottle of new Lucozade. Some are more generous than others; sometimes you just get 1 sachet of something, sometimes you get 3 or more. I’ve entered 100’s of competitions for all sorts of things and so far have won a Revlon foundation, a L’Oreal lipstick and 10 miniature cross-stitch kits. I’m still trying to win an ipad though!

For Amazon vouchers I use various survey sites. The best I’ve found are Swagbucks, Global Test Market, MySurvey and Ipsos. There are dozens of sites though so some might suit some people more than others.

Global Test Market pays you a cheque but you have to get £10 – I’ve been with them since January I think and have so far got £6.70.

I’ve had the most vouchers from Swagbucks. You can earn swagbucks from surveys on their site and also from everyday things like shopping online, and then you convert the swagbucks to vouchers.

MySurvey and Ipsos are the most generous with points, which you get for doing surveys then convert to vouchers.

GTM, MySurvey and Ipsos send you survey invites via email and I’ve found that out of all the survey sites I’m with, these are the ones who I get most invites from. Often you’ll screen out of surveys which is a bit annoying, but they send invites so often that the points soon build up.

I’ve done surveys on new beauty products and ones where I’ve had sneak previews of film trailers, which I’ve enjoyed, and ones on financial products, which have been quite boring. Sometimes surveys are easy and short, sometimes they can take half an hour and I start to lose the will to live! You don’t get penalised if you don’t complete a survey, so if you’re sent one which you don’t like you can always scrap it. One thing you have to do though is be honest with your answers and not rush through, as they have ways of finding you out if you do and you’ll be thrown out of the survey!

You’ll never get rich doing any of these but when you’re on a low income it’s nice to have little extras now and then, so I hope this blog post has been helpful to a few people!



  1. is awesome! When I was having major debt problems (an unfortunately side effect of not being able to work) that site really helped me and pretty much saved my sanity too. More people need to know about it 🙂

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