Posted by: eramys | July 23, 2014

365 Photos – Day 62 – Penfriends

23-07-14 day 62 letter 001

About a week ago I started looking for penfriends online. I felt that my world was shrinking and I suppose I wanted confirmation that the real world still exists out there! Today I got my first letter from a penfriend in Germany 🙂

Funnily enough, a letter from Royal Mail also arrived in the post, saying that due to letters not being sent so much these days, they’re changing their services!

If anyone is interested in getting penfriends, these are the 2 websites I’ve been using. is a small site run by an equally small company who sell stationery. People on here are genuinely looking for snail-mail pals and it’s a nice little site.

I’ve also used interpals. With this one, there are 1000’s of people from all over the world. A few tips/warnings though – I’d recommend going to your settings and blocking any contact from Africa. It’s a shame to have to do this, but before I realised you could do so, I was deluged with romantic proposals from African men and a spam message from a woman wanting me to look after her money! State clearly in your profile what you’re looking for. People use the site looking for snail mail pals but also email pals and flirting/relationships. If you want a relationship, that’s fine, but if not, state clearly that you’re happily single/married/whatever. There’s a messaging facility on the site. If you receive any unwanted flirting in your messages, don’t be afraid to ignore the message or even report/block that person.

Having said all that, now I’ve got the hang of it I love the site and have acquired a few new (all female) snail mail pals already, from UK, USA and Austria 🙂

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