Posted by: eramys | July 26, 2017

Harry Potter pocket letter 

It took over 2 hours but my Harry Potter pocket letter is finished! The colours have come out a bit funny in the photo, it’s the red & yellow of Griffyndor & the lighting bolt is silver.

Posted by: eramys | July 25, 2017

Ophelia the octopus 

This is from Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom using gel pens 🙂

Posted by: eramys | July 24, 2017

Mermaid pocket letter

My first pocket letter is finished!

Posted by: eramys | July 21, 2017

Organising my brain!

I got this from Tesco for £4 to help with my M.E. brain fog. I get confused with time and I thought this might help as I can write a weeks worth of things on at a time and it’s quite easy to understand. Now I just have to remember which week I’m in…

Posted by: eramys | July 20, 2017

Buddy snoozing 

Buddy showing off the tiny bald patch on his tummy (don’t worry, it’s a chihuahua thing!)

Posted by: eramys | July 17, 2017

Christmas in July 

This is for a Christmas in July challenge on Bennett Klein’s Facebook group. The idea is to persuade him to do a Christmas book but he doesn’t seem that keen!

This is from Bennett Klein’s book Wild. I used polychromos pencils for Rudolph’s fur and the rest is glitter and metallic gel pens.

Posted by: eramys | July 15, 2017

Letter L art cards

Some ATC’s I made for my Facebook group, the theme this month is the initial of your first name. I was pleased with getting three letter L things on one card!

Posted by: eramys | July 14, 2017

Cross stitch 

I used to love doing cross stitch, but have found it too difficult since having M.E. I thought I’d try this children’s kit as it’s preprinted so I don’t have to follow a chart. I think I’ll use my own needle though, as the one supplied is plastic!

Posted by: eramys | July 13, 2017


I used the Perfect 365 app on my face, but Buddy is a natural beauty 😂

Posted by: eramys | July 12, 2017

Mermaids & Harry Potter

I’m making two sets of pocket letters, one mermaid themed and one Harry Potter. I ordered some craft things for them, some of which arrived today. In case you can’t see them properly, the silver things are mini broomsticks!

Pocket letters are nine ATC’s which you put in plastic trading card holders. Behind the ATC’s you add a short letter plus little craft bits (like the gold stars) or treats (like the mermaid badge). Then you swap with someone 🙂

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