Posted by: eramys | November 13, 2011


  You may have heard the phrase, ‘if life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. In other words, take the bad things and make them into something good.

  I’ve always tried to make lemonade out of the lemons. It doesn’t always work; I still get depressed and sometimes angry at being so ill. However, I usually try to focus on the things I can do rather than those I can’t. When I first became ill, twenty years ago, I could have sat around feeling sorry for myself and indeed I did do that occasionally, who wouldn’t? I soon learnt to adapt to my new situation and took up new hobbies to keep myself occupied.

  Even today, now that I’m more ill than twenty years ago and can’t do the things that I used to, I always find something new to do. I can’t go out much so instead I bring the world to me by reading and learning new things. 

  I still try to see the positive side of things. There are always people worse off than me, as I saw for myself when I was in hospital ten years ago. I know it’s easier said than done, I know there are people who are devastated by their illness and think, ‘why me?’. I’m not criticising those people. That’s how they deal with their illness. Maybe I’m naturally a strong person and that’s how I’ve coped so well.

   I do hope this blog makes sense, I’m not well at the moment. Anyway, dear reader, keep trying to make lemonade out of those pesky lemons!



  1. Liking your attitude, Eramys….and lemonade!! 😀 xxxx

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